The Decision-Maker App.

  • What does Askomatic do?
  • Askomatic is a fun iPhone app that helps you make difficult decisions. Need advice? Just ask Ask-O-Matic!
  • How does it work?
  • Just ask a yes or no question (out loud or in your head) and swipe the screen. Someone will be right with you!
  • Who will be right with me?
  • The app comes with seven beautiful, quirky characters — all with strong personalities and opinions.
  • Why is it so beautiful?
  • Because we went all out on the illustration and design. We tested it over and over. We almost died making it!

The characters


Molly loves rainbows and unicorns. Molly, like, totally loves puppy dogs and sparkly things. Totally. When we say she loves rainbows and unicorns, we mean she really loves rainbows and unicorns. And puppy dogs. And sparkly things. Molly dots her i’s with tiny hearts and is planning on getting a cute little smiley emoticon tattoo on her ankle when she’s old enough. :-)


Despite living only for the sheer thrill of killing, Death actually has a pretty good sense of humor. That said, working a thankless job takes its toll, and sometimes he doesn’t have much patience for the pesky problems of mere mortals. Tread carefully, because while you haven’t really met him yet — though we all will someday — you don’t want to give him a reason to plan a visit any earlier than he has to.


Mahatma is a wise and surprisingly perky old man. He reminds us of someone but we can’t quite place his face. His sweet, gentle voice, regardless of his decision, always seems to make everyone feel better. That said, Mahatma is pretty honest with his answers (by that we mean blunt) — but that’s only because he loves you and wants the best for you and everyone else in the entire world.

Coach Jim Schwartz

A somewhat maniacal, sweaty, lonely, unmarried guy who lives in his Air Jordans. Yeah, he’s “Old School” all the way. He drinks raw eggs, wears tube socks, and enjoys schooling sixth- graders in basketball. You may see him as a big, sweaty loser, but when he looks in the mirror he sees a man who’s too sexy for his sweatshirt.

Sister Paula Marie

Sister Paula is a nun like none other. When facing her own dilemmas she puts the difficult questions to the Almighty and patiently looks for signs; but when you look to her for advice she’ll respond with a firm, snappy answer. Just remember that if she catches you playing Ask-O-Matic in class, you’re going to get a rap on the knuckles with her ruler (you don’t want to go to H-E-Double hockey sticks do you?).

Sebastian Knight

Sebastian’s appearance is always impeccable and he often gives opinionated, unsolicited advice — especially in the areas of fashion, muscle cars, Baroque art, fitness, and the mental health of cats. This comes in handy in his occupation as a barista (“You sure you don’t want that with skim milk, honey?”). But don’t worry, Sebastian may dish it out, but he can take it too.

Sir Angus Maximus

Angus is a bulldog of few words but that’s mostly because he doesn’t know any. As your best friend, he’s attentive and full of love (not to mention drool and poop). He’s always there for you with a good bark, and maybe a bad joke. Sir Angus Maximus is getting up there in years and may slobber all over you — but not nearly as much as Coach Schwartz.

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