A free Decision-Maker App.

  • What does Askomatic do?
  • Askomatic is a fun, free iPhone app that helps you make difficult decisions. Need advice? Just ask Ask-O-Matic!
  • How does it work?
  • Just ask a yes or no question (out loud or in your head) and swipe the screen. Someone will be right with you!
  • Who will be right with me?
  • The app comes with seven beautiful, quirky characters — all with strong personalities and opinions.
  • Why is it so beautiful?
  • Because we went all out on the illustration and design. We tested it over and over. We almost died making it!

More about Ask-O-Matic

The Tremendousness Collective

Should you or shouldn't you? Ask-O-Matic is here to help. Ask-O-Matic is an advice app that's kind of like the offspring of an obnoxious Magic 8-Ball & an insane Dear Abby. When you need to make a decision, ask Ask-O-Matic a yes/no question then swipe to get your answer. Someone will be right with you.

This version features seven little characters with big personalities who will randomly appear when you take Ask-O-Matic for a spin. Learn more about them here.

  • Coach Jim Schwartz, the gruff tough.
  • Molly, who loves rainbows & unicorns.
  • Mahatma, the wise & surprisingly perky old man.
  • Sister Paula Marie, a nun like none other.
  • Sebastian, who's just full of advice.
  • Sir Angus Maximus, a bulldog of few words (because he doesn't know any).
  • Death, who despite living only for the sheer thrill of killing, has a pretty good sense of humor.

You don't have to ask your question out loud as Ask-O-Matic can magically read your mind. When you're done, just swipe. Once you've gotten your answer, use the buttons at the bottom to share that wisdom via Twitter, Facebook, or email, to repeat what was said, or to ask a new question.

The app was released in February 2013 and we're already working on new characters with new advice. Look for packs featuring robots, holidays, historical figures, animals, monsters, and more.

Askomatic is a collaboration between The Tremendousness Collective, ProjectBox, and Tintanker. By that we mean Bill Keaggy, Scott Matthews, Chris Roettger, Tim Garrett, & James Macanufo.

It's free on Apple's App Store!

© 2013 The Tremendousness Collective